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Sara Moore

VP, Media Director

They are really, really good at staying on top of trends in analytics and data and bringing those ideas to us.
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Jeff Smith

Founder & CEO

We were impressed with their unique blend of technical expertise and search experience.
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Nathan Rome

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

They took the time to understand our needs as well as feedback and delivered a tailored approach.
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Chris Healy


The deliverables were highly valuable. The concise, in-depth reports provided insights that matter, and the analysis provided clear, actionable steps toward increasing revenue. The presentation hit us like a truck and it was clear we could expect immediate results from taking action on their insights.
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Jill Coyle


There is a sense of confidence I get when I know Chosen Data is working with us.

Anything analytical or data driven, Chosen Data is the perfect partner.

They get it done, and they get it done well.
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Content marketing is the cornerstone of any high quality SEO strategy. Having the right content on your website is critical to ranking for more keywords and driving traffic. Part of the challenge with content marketing is understanding which keywords you should go after in both the short and long term to maximize your resources spent. The other challenge is having an in house team in place to execute a content strategy on a consistent basis.


More quality traffic to your website because you need to have the right content that matches the intent of the keyword to rank well.
Become the authority in your field because content builds trust and credibility with your audience. This increases traffic but more importantly conversion rates.
Establish a system for producing quality original content because any strategy without the right system will fail. You get instant access to our content SEO team & process.
Reap the benefits of filling your funnel because organic traffic can allow you to spend less on ads while still filling all stages of your funnel.
Constellation Constellation


We consider ourselves one of the best content SEO agencies because we have systems in place that allow us to produce content that consistently ranks.



Client removed most of their website content during a migration because of the poor quality and low conversion rate. We needed to establish which content needed to be create and then execute on that strategy by creating a series of blogs, resources and service pages.


We went through our full keyword research and content strategy process to identify where the opportunity was for new content creation. Once the strategy was complete, we executed and created the new blog and resource content for the website over the course of 10 months.


The blog content we have created now drives more traffic by itself then the entire website was getting previously. This traffic has directly led to more conversions and also has helped us build remarketing lists without paying for prospecting ads to a cold audience. We are getting significantly more organic sessions each month to the website for free and the clients prospecting ad budget has moved into more conversion based tactics which has led to a significant growth in revenue.



Content heavy website was seeing a steady decline in organic traffic. They had over 1,000 different posts on their website but many had not been updated for years and the new content that was created didn't have a deep strategy behind it. The traffic decrease was causing a direct decrease in revenue and wee were brought in to reverse this trend.



Due to the website having a lot of content, we first performed a content audit to determine the next step for every posts on the website. We then used our custom CTR analysis tool to identity the pages that would have the most traffic improvement in the short term if we could improve the CTR for the keywords they already rank well for. This was the clear low hanging fruit that could help reverse the decline in traffic. We also identified pages that had high search volume rankings in the page 3-6 area that we knew we could drive up by utilizing our content optimization process.



By rewriting our title tags and meta descriptions and using our SEO testing tool, we were able to see increases in both CTR and average position which resulted in huge increases in clicks for our target pages. We scaled this process out for over 100 different pages and within 3 months saw a big lift in traffic.




MarTech client had a small website with little to no quality educational content. The brand was relatively unknown in the space and getting users to trust us was a big priority. The website had little to no non-brand organic rankings and low domain authority.


We created a series of content for the clients website and another series of thought leadership guest content for big industry relevant websites. The industry guest blog posts allowed us to build authority and drive traffic right away while the content on our own website had time to rank well.


We now rank in position 1 for our top keyword (and multiple variations of that keyword). This has led to hundreds of clicks per month from highly qualified users in our target audience. Revenue and monthly active users has continue to go up.

We outranked some big authority marketing sites with our smaller and less authoritative domain due to our content process. Far too often companies assume they can't compete with higher domain authority websites but we have found that isn't the case when you create content the right way.



We have tested hundreds of content seo tools and built the ultimate content SEO stack that we use today. These tools give us the critical data to enhance our content marketing and strategy process. We also love to build custom in house tools utilizing Google Sheets when we find a gap in the current content marketing tools available.



We continue to stay up to date on the latest content SEO trends and tactics. We share that knowledge through content we create.


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Content optimization is a critical part of any sound SEO strategy and process. In this webinar we show you the exact system we follow to generate predictable results at scale.



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Our CTR tool analyzes your benchmark CTR at each position of the first page and then lets your know what the biggest query and landing page opportunities are for improvement.


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Our free data studio template will help you analyze the performance of your content SEO efforts in comparison to other tactics and channels that you are utilizing in your campaigns.



Our team has a unique combination of SEO and content marketing expertise. We understand how to blend content and SEO together for maximum impact.

Branko Kral

Founder & Director

Community leader, optimizer, linguist fluent in four languages, and a global citizen who has lived in seven countries, Branko is the marketer you want to spearhead your project.

Sona Krsnakova

Design Lead

Sona makes your assets stand out, and she makes you love the creative parts of the process. Her taste and ideas are bold. If you get to work with her enough, you may even learn a thing or two about cold water waves.

John Reinesch

Co-Founder & SEO Director

John has led SEO strategy for some of the largest MarTech companies in the industry. He know's the industry well and he know's what it takes to drive organic traffic in the competitive MarTech landscape.

John Reinesch

Co-Founder & SEO Director

John is one of a kind in his research methods & strategy. He's worked directly with the executive teams of some of the largest B2B & B2C brands and has helped various companies in the health & wellness space scale their businesses through organic search.

Oscar Argüello

Project Manager, Design Lead

Oscar keeps all of our FinTech, Crypto, & blockchain SEO projects on pace and on schedule. He understands the finance industry and will work with you to make sure we are hitting all of our KPI's.

Veronika Senova

Operations Manager & Data Viz Expert

Veronika helps keep our systems running well and works behind the scenes for all of our FinTech and crypto clients. She will help make sure your reporting is visualized in a way that allows us to easily find insights and drive business decisions.

Amber Soworowski

SEO strategist & Account Manager

I'm a 3rd Generation Slavic-American living in the Deep Southeast of the U.S. for the past 20 years - accent shamefully now included. My passions involve gaming (Console, PC & Tabletop), creative writing, illustration, storytelling, strength training & powerlifting, and long hiking/camping trips. When I'm not enjoying my downtime from work I am OBSESSED with optimization, streamlining processes, and providing absolutely top-notch deliverables as quickly - but also as efficiently - as is humanly possible!

Yongi Barnard

Tech Copywriter

Someone once called Yongi the Swiss Army Knife of conversion copy. She has 10+ years experience in the digital marketing space. Grew up running around rice fields. Now lives among olive groves.

Scene Scene


One of our Content SEO growth strategists will give you the exact plan to help you improve one piece of content on your site. You can then implement, and enjoy the results.