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Generate More Leads for Your MarTech Company

We build out content production websites for successful MarTech companies.

Let us show you exactly what you need to do to increase organic traffic to one piece of content on your site. Completely free and no strings attached.


Sara Moore

VP, Media Director

They are really, really good at staying on top of trends in analytics and data and bringing those ideas to us.
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Jeff Smith

Founder & CEO

We were impressed with their unique blend of technical expertise and search experience.
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Nathan Rome

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

They took the time to understand our needs as well as feedback and delivered a tailored approach.
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Chris Healy


The deliverables were highly valuable. The concise, in-depth reports provided insights that matter, and the analysis provided clear, actionable steps toward increasing revenue. The presentation hit us like a truck and it was clear we could expect immediate results from taking action on their insights.
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Jill Coyle


There is a sense of confidence I get when I know Chosen Data is working with us.

Anything analytical or data driven, Chosen Data is the perfect partner.

They get it done, and they get it done well.
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Our MarTech SEO and content strategies will help you increase MRR and organic traffic. We use a full funnel approach to SEO which allows us to improve lead generation and traffic generation.

Phase 1: Target Audience Deep Dive

Our process starts with getting a deep understanding of your business and target audience. We will work closely with your team to understand the problems your organization is trying to solve.

Phase 2: Research & Strategy

Next we move into the audit and research phase. The audit and research documents help set the stage for which specific SEO tactics your business needs to get results.

Phase 3: Content Creation and Optimization

Finally we move into the optimization and content creation phase.  This is where we continually create new content for your website and optimize any existing assets you may have to improve our organic search footprint.


Increased lead quality because we help fill your funnel at all stages and utilize content to nurture users until they become a customer.
Improved website authority because we partner with some of the largest companies in the digital marketing space.
Increased website traffic and keyword rankings because we leverage our marketing industry knowledge to turn your website into a content machine.
Understand what is working and where the opportunities are because our actionable reporting focuses on uncovering what is driving business value.
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We are considered expert SEO consultants for MarTech & marketing SaaS companies because we understand the unique digital marketing challenges that the marketing industry faces. We have systems that create feedback loops, help us learn, and generate predictable results.



Client had redesigned their website and lost 73% of their organic traffic. They removed most of their blog content as they felt the traffic they were getting was not converting or leading to new business.


We created a new content strategy that focused on targeting keywords at all 3 phases of the funnel. We then created 2-3 new blog and resource pages per month. Many of the posts we published started ranking on the first page for our target keywords within 2-3 months. This allowed us to build traffic to new record highs but also grow leads at a similar rate. The chart shows organic click and impression growth for a new piece of content that was published in January.


The website recently reached new all time highs for organic traffic and is on pace to continue that growth over the next few months. Leads generated specifically from the content we created has also led to new record highs. Organic search is now the clients most profitable channel and we are looking to continue to scale this growth.



Informational content website was seeing a steady decline in organic traffic. They had published 1,000's of posts throughout the years but hadn't made any updates to their current content that performed well in the past but started to decline.



Since the website had over 1,000 blogs, we used our custom CTR analysis tool to identity the pages that would have the most traffic improvement in the short term if we could improve the CTR for the keywords they already rank well for. This was the clear low hanging fruit that could help reverse the decline in traffic.



By rewriting our title tags and meta descriptions and using our SEO testing tool, we were able to see increases in both CTR and average position which resulted in huge increases in clicks for our target pages.




Growing SaaS platform wanted to rebrand and narrow their focus into what the do best. They wanted to minimize any traffic loss during this migration and put a plan in place to grow their organic visibilty.

They also had been seeing declining rankings for their most important product based keyword.



We followed our Migration checklist to ensure that no stones were left unturned and traffic loss was minimal. We ramped up marketing efforts after the migration to start building brand awareness for the new domain.



We now rank in position 1 for our top money keyword which was previously on page 2 before the migration. This has led to hundreds of clicks per month from highly qualified users in our target audience.

We outranked some big authority marketing sites with our smaller and less authoritative domain.

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Utilizing the right tools is critical to your growth. We have tested and vetted dozens of SEO tools over the years and have dialed in our tool stack to the very best tools that every marketing technology needs. Below are the main ones.


High standard of work starts with a high standard of people. The team needs a variety of MarTech and SaaS expertise, and at the same time, everyone needs the experience with working for SEO results.

Branko Kral

Founder & Director

Branko has been featured on many of the top MarTech websites in the industry due to his innovative tactics & strategy. He continues to work with some of the top brands in the marketing industry. He'll help you leverage his MarTech relationships to grow your search presence.

Sona Krsnakova

Design Lead

Sona has worked on design for some of the best MarTech companies. She makes your assets stand out, and she makes you love the creative parts of the process. Her taste and ideas are bold.

John Reinesch

Co-Founder & SEO Director

John is one of a kind in his research methods & strategy. He's helped various companies in the FinTech & Crypto space scale their businesses through organic search. When you don't know what to do next, John is the one to help guide your business.

Oscar Argüello

Project Manager, Design Lead

Oscar keeps all of our health and wellness SEO projects on pace and on schedule. He understands the healthcare industry and will work with you to make sure we are hitting all of our KPI's.

Byron Corrales

Development Lead

Byron can help solve any complex website development problems your FinTech or Crypto business may be facing. He will assist you with everything from optimizing your current website or creating brand new page templates from scratch.

David Nwosu

Analytics Dev

David has setup complex web analytics tracking for many brands in the health & wellness space. Having accurate data is critical for your SEO campaign and David will make sure all of the valuable actions we are trying to drive are tracked and ultimately mapped back to revenue.

Veronika Senova

Operations Manager & Data Viz Expert

Veronika helps keep our systems running well and works behind the scenes for all of our health and wellness clients. She will help make sure your reporting is visualized in a way that allows us to easily find insights and drive business decisions.

Yongi Barnard

Tech Copywriter

Someone once called Yongi the Swiss Army Knife of conversion copy. She has 10+ years experience in the digital marketing space. Grew up running around rice fields. Now lives among olive groves.

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One of our MarTech SEO strategists will give you a step by step plan to help you improve one piece of content on your site. You can then implement, and enjoy the results.