Chosen Data Core Values

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“Good” work is not good enough. Great is what we aim for every time. We’re data-driven, grow through feedback and own study, and we take interest in things that are hard to do for most.


We have a narrow specialization on content and SEO for successful MarTech companies. This allows us to hire or train the best people for the job, to create tailored SOPs, to form relationships within the industry, and to use our clients’ and partners’ tools in our own stack. The focus also leads to a more rewarding day-to-day at work.


We work with clear goals and timelines, and follow processes that help us deliver work that is truly complete. When the impact of our work is particularly great, we give public praise to the people who helped make it so. When we make a mistake, we fix it.


  • The job of the company is to enable our clients and our content audience to improve and grow.
  • The job of every deliverable and project is to boost all other marketing the client does.
  • The job of every team member is to make it easy for the next person in the process to do great.


The agency side of the business aims for 40% margins. The margin goes to the co-founders, savings, operations, and investments into Chosen Data assets. Further, we tell team members how much the clients pay us, and we internally share the company’s financial analyses. We’re equally transparent in our content collaborations and mutual referrals with other marketing companies.


We consciously aim at hiring an even ratio of genders, and a global variety of ethnicities. The team’s diversity made it possible for the company to form at the very beginning, and it continues to be an enabler today. As of Feb 2022, the team is in 7 countries, 10 time zones, and speaks 5 native languages.

Quality of Life

Work exists to increase the quality of one’s life. For our clients, this means we’re proactive about bringing joy to their work. For our team, we operate on pre-planned due dates and bandwidth, not set office hours. The team’s schedules and locations are for the team to decide. In result, we count how long clients and team members stay with us in years, not months.

Meaningful and Enjoyable Work

We pick who we work with because we become close to our clients, knowledgeable about their businesses, and spend deep focus time on building them up. We accept work when it gives a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment, and pride in contributing to a worthy cause. Helping build up MarTech companies which improve marketing is a worthy cause because everyone is affected by marketing all day everyday.

Marketing That People Want

People enjoy marketing when it’s good marketing, and people enjoy building business with the help of good marketing. We see disruptive advertising as a problem that gives our industry a bad reputation and pushes for disrespecting data privacy. We help our clients grow by growing their knowledge authority in the field, so they can be organically discovered by people who were looking for their topics already.

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    Chosen Data Core Values

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